Bettina Carating is a Toronto-based artist and designer, with an extensive academic background in both Art and Design.
She majored in Visual Arts at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts (CCAA), and attended Humber College for Media Foundations, where she honed her skills for Graphic Design and Photography. Bettina furthered her academic pursuits by graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Design, a program encompassing Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design. 


Colour In Sound:

Bettina derives inspiration from music to help guide her creative process. She draws on sonic elements to create free, fitful and expressive landscapes which serve to illustrate a symbiotic relationship between colour and sound. By beginning a painting with no preconception, Bettina allows the essence of her paintings to take form over the course of a song.

While her artwork is abstract by nature, Bettina seeks to provoke viewers into deriving their own meaning within the work. It's an invitation to experience the image, not just observe, and acts as a catalyst for dialogue between artist and audience.


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